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Tarpon Fishing in Boca Grande

Boca Grande Tarpon Fishing Guide

Tarpon Fishing

In the months of May and June, I head down to Boca Grande for the Tarpon fishing season. We will catch tarpon anywhere from 50 pounds, to exceeding 200 pounds! They are a strong fighting fish that are known for their drag screaming runs and high-flying acrobatics. This makes Tarpon one of my favorite fish to target. They can be caught in a variety of different ways, one being sight fishing tarpon schools along the beach, to another being fishing the schools in the Boca Grande pass, an 80 foot deep cut that funnels fish in and out. I really enjoy the multiple ways to catch these fish, on your own slowly moving down the beach, or in the hustle of the pass
where you are catching tarpon with many of other boats hooking and jumping fish all around you.

Boca Grande Has The Best Tarpon Fishing in Florida

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Tarpon Fishing Information

Tarpon are the silver kings of Boca Grande inland and nearshore waters. Ranging from 100 to 150 pounds, with plenty of 200 plus pound tarpon caught fishing in Boca Grande. They are hard fighters, and high jumpers and will create an adrenaline rush in even the most seasoned angler.

Boca Grande is the acknowledged tarpon fishing capital of the world. There’s no known place on this earth where Tarpon gather in such large numbers to feed. This has made Boca Grande Tarpon Fishing the best place to fish for tarpon in Florida for over a century.


Words From Our Customers

Marnie C.

Hunter is such a great guy and a great guide. He put us straight on the fish. He is very gifted with the kids and people without a lot of experience. He is the perfect guide for a low key but successful fishing day for the whole family.

Susan D.

My Husband Ken came home so happy, excited and a little sore from fishing with Captain Hunter that I was so glad he had a great time. My husband is very laid back so when he is excited it's a big deal. Hunter put them on Tarpon, used the right bait, was super knowledge and helpful. Hunter really wants his guests to have a great time. You can't go wrong with his services so treat yourself.

Sharon C.

Hunter is a awesome captain he makes it your special day! I caught a 37 inch snook which was amazing!!! Almost a state record. We caught about 30 trout a blue fish and 2 jacks...we also got to see a shark a manatee and some dolphins it was a day we will remember and book your next charter you will be happy you did